One Game — Many Options!

When you think of an Instant Win Game you just think winner and losers...

But a Ready, Set... Promo! Instant Win Game is so much more!


We have created a sample Sweepstakes and Instant Win Game, called "Fun Under the Sun"
to showcase some of our unique instant win game features

Yes, we deliver winning plays!

the RSP game engine is designed to award prizes (and losses) in the most random and fair way to the promotion participants.

Winning plays are distribute randomly based on the number of prizes and the length of the promotion, every other entry will generate one of the "lost" options.


When your prize requires shipping and handling fulfillment

A typical promotion entry form does not include a mailing address, if you prize pool is made of items that requires "shipping and handling" the winner will be required fill up and submit a form with their mailing address.

What if I want to capture the user address at registration?
RSP can capture any type of informations in your entry form and the winners will not need to provide one

Your company or client is not able to offer shipping and handling?
We can help with that!

When your prizes pool is made of eCards and eCoupon offers

Using an RSP Instant Win Game to deliver an OTU (One-Time-Use) coupon is the perfect medium to drive traffic to stores, lift revenues, move particular products and more!

What kind of OTU code can your system handle?
From Barcode to Numerical we can integrate any format to work with your POP system

Treat the losing plays as winners

If most entries generate a losing play, why not give those screens some importance

What do you want on your next promotion to deliver for you?

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