When Losing Can Make You the Winner!

Yes, in a promotion losing is more important than winning.

Let’s face it, 90% of entries will generate a losing play!


If most entries generate a losing play, why not give those screens some power!

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The power of “a daily visit”

Enticing the user to come back is great way to push your brand.
Remind your audience to come back every day and play again for another chance to win!

The power of “did you know?”

A losing screen is the perfect place to talk about your brand, your product. etc.

Create several losing screens, each with a different message.
They will randomly appear for each losing play your audience learn something about your brand!

The power of “savings”

Yes, they just lost… but you can still make them winners.

Give your audience a coupon, a discount, extra saving for their next purchase.
Turn a loss into a win for the user and the brand!

The power of “clicks”

Add a call to action to your losing screen.

A click to the brand’s social media accounts, website, store locator

These are just some of the options you can have on a losing screen...

What do you want on your next promotion losing screens?

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