The Instant Win Game

Typically, the Instant Win game is paired with a Grand Prize Drawing, although that is not required. The entrant enters their vitals, email, first, last, etc., and then they then spin the wheel, flip the cards, or spin the reels and they win or lose.

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What does it solve?

There are many advantages of an Instant Win Game! Here are a few:


An instant win game is more compelling because of the chance for instant gratification!


If the Grand Prize Drawing is for the “big prize”, i.e., the carrot that draws people to the promotion, the Instant Win Prizes can be more strategic. Introducing a new product? Give a few away in an instant win game – the winners get to try your product and the losers will learn about it.
See #3


An Instant Win game gives entrants an extra screen to “learn” about your brand and products. Typically, 99% of your entrants lose…RSP uses the losing “screen” to talk about the brand and educate the consumer, and more!
See #4


“Hey, you didn’t win this time, but we sent you a 5% off coupon just for playing”. This kind of additional offer can drive traffic to your website or store.

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