How It Works

As you’re running a promotion to give away some cool prizes, why not give everyone who plays some cool digital content? Sometimes this content can be the product itself. We recently did a very successful promotion with Shake It Up! They make a very cool online poker game that uses dice instead of cards
(check it out:

In the Shake It Up promotion, after people entered, they could play the game right there on the thank you page! The player download rate on this promotion was 300% above average!.

What It Solves

Here are a few of the benefits to trying this kind of promotion:

1. Ongoing Engagement: If the digital engagement or download you are offering is a version of your digital product, as in the Shake It Up case, consumers may engage with that product long after the promotion is over. It’s even better if that digital content has its own ongoing communication channel with the consumer.

2. Virality – Once a prize or giveaway is digital, then the skies the limit as to what can be done within that digital world. By catching one person’s eye with the promotion, they might share that product with other people. This helps to extend the promotion not just in terms of time but also in terms of reach.

3. Sales – If the product is a digital one with in-app purchases or something similar, the giveaway in the promotion is a direct help to the bottom line, so long as there are in-app things to pay for, levels to attain or even advertising to see.

When the product you are promoting is digital, a giveaway can be a direct benefit to increasing sales. This is especially true when the digital giveaway has in-app purchases, levels to attain or even advertising to view.