How It Works

In any promotion with a drawing, RSP’s engine can integrate a “Pick Your Prize” module. Before the entrant fills out their entry form, they are asked to choose which prize they would like to win in the drawing at the end of the promotion. The prize they choose is flagged on their entry and that entry is now part of a drawing specifically for that prize. The entrant is free to choose a different prize the next day, if they so desire, or they can create another entry for the same prize, increasing their odds of winning the prize they select.

What It Solves

Here are a few of the benefits to adding this module to your promotion:

1. Remarketing – Choosing a prize gives you a tremendous data point when you go to remarket to these users. You already know which of your products they are interested in because they told you!
2. Empowering the Consumer – Everyone likes choices, just look at the cereal aisle in the grocery store! Give your customers the power of choice.
3. Data – The aggregate of this data can also inform your business. What products were most popular? Was it just the one with the highest monetary value, or did something else catch everyone’s eye?

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