How It Works

We ran across so many people that wanted to do this that we built it right into our platform!  It’s not a sweepstakes or a contest, but it is a promotion and a very effective one.  Typically, this is tied in with a loyalty program or some kind of tracking of your top customers.  You then simply send an email to your favorite customers with a unique code they can use to redeem their gift.
Shameless Plug:  This is built into our system and, through our partners, we can even seamlessly handle the fulfillment for you.

What It Solves

Here are a few of the benefits to trying this kind of promotion:

1. Rewarding Your Best Customers – It’s nice to be thanked, and being thanked with a nice gift is even better. Recognize your best customers!
2. Easing the BlowMarketing – Often these gifts can serve double duty as a marketing effort.  For example, giveaway t-shirts with your own logo on them.  How about a nice drink cozy or even an entire cooler for your very best customers emblazoned with your logo, tagline or other message.  That’s a win-win.
3.Sales – If you make a habit of giving things away to certain loyal customers who have achieved prestigious tiers in your loyalty program, this incentive can drive sales as customers strive to “level up”.