Gift With Purchase

How It Works

We ran across so many people that wanted to do this that we built it right into our platform!  It’s not a sweepstakes or a contest, but it is a promotion and a very effective one.  Typically, this is tied in with a loyalty program or some kind of tracking of your top customers.  You then simply send an email to your favorite customers with a unique code they can use to redeem their gift.
Shameless Plug:  This is built into our system and, through our partners, we can even seamlessly handle the fulfillment for you.

What It Solves

Here are a few of the benefits to trying this kind of promotion:

1. Rewarding Your Best Customers – It’s nice to be thanked, and being thanked with a nice gift is even better. Recognize your best customers!
2. Easing the BlowMarketing – Often these gifts can serve double duty as a marketing effort.  For example, giveaway t-shirts with your own logo on them.  How about a nice drink cozy or even an entire cooler for your very best customers emblazoned with your logo, tagline or other message.  That’s a win-win.
3. Sales – If you make a habit of giving things away to certain loyal customers who have achieved prestigious tiers in your loyalty program, this incentive can drive sales as customers strive to “level up”.

Setting Expectations

Your client paid some good money to add an online Promotional Giveaway as part of their splashy, new campaign. Setting clear and reasonable expectations with the client will help you get credit when things go well and will provide added context when it comes time to measure your results.

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The Instant Win Game

Typically, the Instant Win game is paired with a Grand Prize Drawing, although that is not required.  The entrant enters their vitals, email, first, last, etc., and then they have a page with a wheel, match cards or a slot machine.  They then spin the wheel, flip the cards, or spin the reels and they win or lose. 

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Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Mistakes are part of life, and none of us are perfect. Now that we have that out of the way, over the years we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) about some things to watch out for as you execute your next online promo.

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Pick Your Prize

In any promotion with a drawing, RSP’s engine can integrate a “Pick Your Prize” module. Before the entrant fills out their entry form, they are asked to choose which prize they would like to win in the drawing at the end of the promotion.

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Promos That Educate Your Customers

At its core, marketing is about educating customers and potential customers about a brand and products. People need to understand what your client’s company is all about before they can fall in love with it.

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